Electrical, Controls and Automation

Achintyo Automation, armed with extensive domain knowledge and a professional team of engineers is capable of delivering high end solutions with appropriate processes in place. We ensure quality and consistency meet with the growing demands of our diverse customer base.

Apart from the core automation capabilities, Achintyo also has expertise in implementing Manufacturing Intelligence systems, a rapidly growing business requirement that connects enterprise level and plant floor systems.

Achintyo’s stand out capabilities are Process Engineering [From core process mechanical to core process automation], Balance of Plant & the ability to work as an extended arm of the customer’s Engineering & Projects offices.

Automation Capabilities:

Turnkey Automation Projects

With ongoing technical re-structuring & reduction of client resource bases, Achintyo Automation is able to offer a total integration solution. Our multi-disciplined staff has considerable experience with expertise that sits at the leading edge of the Global Automation Market. Together with our process engineers we continue to successfully complete both Greenfield and existing plant automation projects. Achintyo Automation has successfully implemented a wide range of tailored and off the shelf solutions for a wide range of clients, and have a particular expertise in the optimization of process Engineering assets.

Process Control

Process Control is a growing need in the manufacturing industry. Achintyo’s experienced team provides solutions to seamlessly control and monitor your process parameters and required set points, ensuring your plant and equipment run safely at maximum output.

PLC & SCADA Systems

Achintyo Automation can provide a complete range of technical, manufacturing and installation services and has been appointed as authorized system integrator by some of the world’s leading automation system suppliers.

Electrical Engineering & Installation

Specializing in the design and implementation of Power and Automation systems, Achintyo Automation can provide a complete or partial package to satisfy your requirements including system design, CAD drawings, installation, commissioning and so on.

Process Instrumentation

Automation over the past decades has contributed greatly to improve the productivity of virtually all manufacturing industries throughout the world. While 90% of global production is still controlled by analog instrumentation, almost all the controls installed as a part of a new plant or plant expansion are Digital Control Systems (DCS) connected by digital networks.

Achintyo can supply and install a comprehensive range of process instruments for pressure, Achintyo temperature, flow and level measurement. We also supply Pneumatic valves, positioners, process controllers, process valves and utility valves of various kinds to complete the package. Whether you need a single instrument or a complete instrumentation package, Achintyo is your professional partner for any project.

Batch Automation

Batch Automation requires accurate processing of correct amounts of the right ingredients to create a quality product, and then start all over again to configure an entirely different product using different ingredients and different processing steps. This requires Robust System Integration for finite batch processing and this is Achintyo’s key strength.

Software Engineering & Design

Achintyo offers complete service for system design, software development and commissioning of plant and machine control systems including development of functional specifications, PLC software, plant floor operator interface devices, industrial automation communication networks, system documentation and user manuals.

Balance of Plant (BoP)

Neglected balance of plant systems can significantly reduce power generation efficiency and reliability as well as trigger regulatory non-compliance. The engineers at Achintyo strive to keep the fire in the boilers, steam in the pipes and electricity in the wires. You can confidently partner with us to upgrade, replace and integrate supporting systems throughout your plant.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence is the software used to bring a corporation's manufacturing-related data together from multiple sources for the purposes of reporting, analysis, visual summaries, and passing data between enterprise-level and plant-floor systems.


Automation provides maintenance support for all electrical and Automation products. This could either be on an Annual Contract basis or Requirement Basis.