Design Engineering

With the implementation of Smart Engineering practices, we now provide comprehensive plant design, modelling, and review packages to our customers which help reduce engineering man hours, eliminate errors over a period of time, minimize project risks by helping effective coordination among teams, plan accurately and identify problems early in the project cycle.

Broadly, it is expected to reduce project costs, improve quality and enhance standardization.

Some of the tools we use are

Smart P&ID

In-built tool library helps in faster drafting of P&ID and gets Equipment, Valve, Pump, and Line list schedules automatically from the P&ID. Any changes made on the P&ID later will automatically update the reports giving complete control over engineering & procurement.

Smart 3D

3D modeling is faster compared to traditional methods due to the built in spec library. The P&ID and 3D will be integrated, and hence any changes on P&ID will update the 3D automatically. This works vice- versa as well.

Smart Isometrics

The isometrics and BOM are automatically generated from the 3D. This will reduce errors and time to the maximum.

Smart Skid and structurals

Enable automatic updating of structure BOM with changes in skid or introduction of supports etc. Automatic basic skid structurals analysis is used as a guide towards correct structure design based on country/region of usage.

Smart Review

All of the smart components are interconnected and will result in skid / plant views through Navisworks – which enables customers to view the plant in complete, prior to construction (plant walk through).